Cloud Loyalty in your hands

No, it wasn't spelt incorrectly, we meant Advocado, not avocado 🥑! With just a simple one-liner to represent Advocado - A multi award-winning comprehensive cloud loyalty software for businesses, big or small.

But wait, what is cloud loyalty? Cloud loyalty is basically customer data and loyalty system stored in cloud servers, accessible 24/7. Offering a value-for-money cloud loyalty software, Advocado is the affordable solution to any businesses' customer loyalty needs.

Proud winners at the Spark Awards 2017

Advocado, founded in 2016, have since left footprints not only in Singapore, but also in the SEA region. Moving on, Advocado will be slowly making its mark in other countries as well. During the Spark Awards 2017, Advocado clinched The Most Innovative Technology & Best Commercial Team awards. Besides that, we have recently been featured in the Jan/Feb 2018 issue of Fortune Times - Proving that Advocado's name is becoming more established as time goes by.

Within a span of 18 months, Advocado has already partnered with more than 600 merchants. This shows that Advocado is more than just a simple cloud loyalty software. Advocado empowers businesses to generate additional cashflow and strengthen customer relations. By providing customisable loyalty programs, Advocado is able to cater to the various needs of businesses in different industries.

Robust, Nimble & Power-Packed

How Advocado's cloud loyalty software works

So, you must be extremely curious on how Advocado will be able to help businesses achieve results! With Advocado, managing your customers has never been easier! All we need is the customer's mobile number. Subsequently, the customer just has to key in their mobile number into the tablet to show that they are a member.

What you would see at Rocky Master - One of our F&B merchants

Advocado prides itself on being able to enrol customers in 30 seconds. Utilising just a mobile number as enrolment into the loyalty system, consumers and merchants both save time. It streamlines the consumer engagement process for merchants. Bid goodbye to manual tracking of loyalty cards! Accessible on any device, merchants can just access one cloud database for any details they need.

Everybody is familiar with collecting stamps or tiered membership programs. But what if you wanted to make changes to your loyalty program? Imagine all the hassle and $$$ pumped in to make changes... Well, with Advocado, all these loyalty programs are already on one platform! Saving on costs and time for any business, convenience is a part of Advocado.

From Our Merchants

Words do not prove Advocado's capability, results do. And that's what video testimonials are for! Check these videos out to see how Advocado has helped them in their business:

Saigon Star - A Nail and Beauty spa

New Age Polish - A Car Grooming centre

Beast & Butterflies - M Social's experiential restaurant

Not Convinced?

Effective, efficient, simple and fast. That's what Advocado is aiming for. You must have your doubts after reading this - Is this just a gimmick?

Two ways to contact us - or +65 6444 9566. Nothing beats seeing the real deal. You'll be impressed after seeing it yourself.

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