Customers today are spoilt for choice as they have so many options available to them, all at the tip of their fingertips. Therefore, in order for businesses to retain their existing pool of customers and attract new ones, having the ability to know your audience inside out is quintessential. Here’s something to think about: Why base your marketing efforts on what you think your customers want when you can give them exactly what they want?

This is where customer data collection comes into the picture. Collecting customer data is undeniably the most important key to the success of your business today. Regardless of the industry you are in or the nature of your business, having valuable insights on your customers enable you to improve nearly every aspect of your business – from marketing to customer service.

Customer Experience Above Everything Else

For today’s customers, their experience with a brand will determine whether they’ll come back for more. Therefore, by having the capacity to collect customer data and understanding their needs, companies that will be able to assess, craft, and deliver a customised customer engagement program in a consistent, convenient, and engaging manner to audiences.

When you know more about your customers, you’ll then be able to tweak your marketing strategies to better fit their needs. You’ll also be able to identify the best ways to reach out to your audiences and optimise your loyalty programs that matches their interests & preferences.

This gives customers an authentic and personalised experience for your target audience, making them feel that you know them well. When customers feel like they are understood, the likelihood of them staying with you will definitely be much higher.

Optimising Your Data Collection Methods

Source: Harvard Business Review

According to the study done above by Harvard Business Review, customer data and analytics are highly regarded as an essential factor to help businesses attain their aspirations. In fact, 60% of the companies that participated in the study answered that they are investing in data and data analytics in order to achieve their go-to market goals.

Although many businesses are aware of the importance of collecting customer data, they typically rely on only one source to generate these information, be it a membership program, email signups, in-store surveys, etc. With the advent of technology today, there are so many different tools that you can utilise in order to garner the information you need. For example, Advocado’s proprietary CRM system enables you to employ customised loyalty programs across multiple channels and devices, ensuring that you are able to engage your customers anytime and anywhere! Our CRM system also gives business owners the capability to track the success of their loyalty campaigns in real-time, enabling you to be more agile and flexible when deploying the best customer engagement techniques for your business.

Helping 99 Percent Hair Studio with Data Collection During Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker was a difficult period for retailers, especially for hair salons and beauty parlours, as they were required to ceased operations. For service-based businesses, this is extremely detrimental because walk-in sales stopped entirely and in return, data collection had to be halted.

During this period, Advocado assisted 99 Percent Hair Salon, a 3-outlet hair and nail salon in Singapore to collect customer data despite the salon needing to be closed. Advocado transformed physical vouchers to digital vouchers, enabling the staff of 99 Percent Hair Salon to send these vouchers to their clients through virtual means. The ability to engage customers during the Circuit Breaker period provided an avenue for 99 Percent Hair Studio to grow their database even during this troubling period. In fact, we managed to increase their database by over 3,000 customers in just over 6 months. What’s more, >10% of the engage customers came back on a regular basis, after operations have resumed!