Name me one business which doesn't require customers to survive! Can't think of any?

No matter what business you’re doing, you’ll always need customers for sustainability. (And also to keep that piggy bank full!)


Whatever industry you are in, whatever business you are into, your customers and would-be customers will always be one of your most valuable stakeholders. How well you treat them will always have an impact on your business.

You don't need every customer. You need the right ones.

I'm sure you're familiar with this - The 80/20 rule (a.k.a. The Pareto Principle). This applies to many things in life, from marketing to sales, revenue and even your daily life!

But in this context: 80% of a business's revenue comes from 20% of the customers.

So, how does a business identify the top 20% of customers? Well, first of all, you gotta have customers!

p/s: Advocado helps to track all of your customers, as long as you use us religiously. Easy-peasy to find the top 20% when you've everything at your fingertips!

Engaging your customers

One problem that many businesses face, they don't know how to get more customers! But y'know what? We know that this is a crucial problem for every business, so take a seat, we got this.


Above is an example of how one would use our One Time Offer function. Just a simple link enables it to be shared anywhere. From social media platforms to messaging apps like Whatsapp & Telegram - Simple and easy!

And the results for Tien Court's National Day Promo? 88.5% of those whom claimed the offer, redeemed it! Now, that's the additional ka-ching I'm talking about!

One Time Offer, like its name suggests, is a one-time promo to customers & potential ones. Of course, it has to be attractive in order to get people to take action on it!

These one time offers can be used to attract repeat customers, as well as bring new ones in. One good thing is that it can be used to test out new products to see how they fare with current customers! So you'll be sure that whatever promotions you push out will get the biggest returns.

Spreading the word

Word-of-mouth marketing is a truly strong tool that can bring new customers in, but not many see its value. How many times have you gone to try something new, just because someone recommended it to you? I'm sure it's at least a few times!

92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know. And people are 4x more likely to buy when referred by a friend!


Advocado gives you the tool, it just depends on how you'll utilise it! If you set up a referral link, but yet don't push it out to your customers, then you can't blame us that it's not working!

The thing is that, only those who are truly interested will click on the referral link sent - Thus, there'll be a higher chance of converting them to be your customers when the ones who share the goodies are their friends/family.

Once they're in the system (i.e. entered their mobile number), you'll be able to market your products & services via SMS Broadcasts or social media!

For making through the whole article, here's a thank you from us:

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One step further

And above all that, a QR Code can be generated from these OTO and Referral links.

Here's what Yassin did with their One Time Offer. Doing the extra - Advertising on traditional newspaper!

Now that's a game changer. This QR Code can be placed anywhere - Flyers, social media, magazines!

Getting more customers for your business? Easy-peasy with all these tools and knowledge at your hands!

Read more about Advocado here! Want to know how Advocado can help your business achieve greater heights? Then contact us for a consultation with our loyalty experts here!