Bringing to you yet another amazing female entrepreneur, Yvonne Nattashia Ng of Cavemen - Strongly showing passion for what she does and standing strong for what she believes in. Through this interview, we managed to find out more about her unfaltering resolve.

P.S. Honestly guys, first look at Yvonne - She reminded us of the Icy version of Xenia 😝 But, through further interactions, her warm & hospitable self started showing... So did all of her collection of wines... *burps*

First thing’s first Yvonne, why CAVEMEN?

While sipping her champagne

Cavemen was born out of passion - for people who loves, and lives life to the fullest.

Having traveled to different corners of the world and tasting the world’s produce, I realised the need for an easily accessible neighbourhood butcher-delicatessen that brings the world’s marketplace to our local market. Speaking to like-minded people, the lack of such a concept at affordable prices sparked the passion and love in me to bring the concept back home.

Cavemen represents primal cuts and aged meat. As history has it, people have been using caves to age meats, store wines and other top secrets. Well, we do have hidden secrets in the shop too, and you are welcome to unearth them! *chuckles *

What were the responses when you told others about wanting to start Cavemen?

There were many skeptics when I mentioned the thought of entering a different industry, especially starting from ground zero. After all, being a butcher has always been a male-dominant occupation. /laughter/ I have to forego my heels more nowadays. Trading those heels in to be a butcher, cafe and bar owner, and on some days being a sales lady for our products is definitely quite the change, don’t you think? 😉

On the topic of being a woman entrepreneur today, Yvonne was firm on how women are just as capable as men. With advances in technology and globalisation, women have far better opportunities as compared to earlier generations. More liberal societal expectations now has given women more leeway in their dreams. In her words,

“Be positive, do your due diligence and let your creativity flow. Doing these while taking advantage of the resources around you, allows you to start working on your dreams.”

So Yvonne, is there someone you look up to?
Citadel. She has been the pillar of strength and support throughout my life.

Who is she you may ask? Well, she was my domestic helper that joined my family almost sixteen years ago. Subsequently, she worked in my office as a Customer Service Rep. Over the years, not only has she helped with advancing in my career in my various companies and proven herself, but she has also become my confidante, pillar of strength, and right hand person.

Always remember that the domestic helper that assists you in every chore is an amazing and inspiring woman capable of much more too. Be nice to her!

What pearls of wisdom can you give other women that are looking to reach their potential?

Love yourself the most. Daring to do what most people deem impossible and living through your dream will empower you to be a more tenacious woman than you were yesterday. Ask, mingle, and put yourself out there. Most of the time, people are more helpful than you would expect. Taking that first step is the hardest, but once you can do that, everything may just flow quicker than you would expect. Remember that you are not alone!

Editor’s thoughts

I feel that passion can only bring you so far. Without any hardwork and determination, starting a business from the ground up will most definitely not work out. And these traits were what propelled Yvonne and her partners to nurture Cavemen to what it is today, and what earth-shaking experiences it would bring in the near future!

Cavemen Butchery is situated in the heart of Balestier - an area known for its rich history and food culture. Yvonne & her team’s vision is to bring together the world’s best produce and passionate craftsmen of the food industry to the local market, at friendly neighbourhood prices. Think fine Butchery, Deli, Cafe and Bar all under one roof, without having to break the bank.