The first of our Merchant Feature series - Cleanique. Like its name suggests, they clean, or rather, repair and maintain your designer leather goods. Recently, we found time to sit down and chat with the ladies behind Cleanique.

The reason behind someone opening their own business, a must-ask in my opinion — And that was the first question that started off the interview. Directing the question to the sisters, Eunice and Su Peng, this was their answer:

Believe it or not, Cleanique’s idea came from a Korean drama! We saw shoes restoration services and we thought, “Why does Singapore not have this?” And here we are, 13 years later.

And that leads to the next question - What is Cleanique’s Vison & Mission?

Firstly, Cleanique strives for perfection, to restore goods to the highest quality. We take pride in customers seeing their treasured belongings in a refreshed look. We also want to advocate being environmental-friendly.

Using environmentally-friendly chemical solutions, instead of throwing away goods that can be restored, why not repair them! We believe that people should treasure whatever they have, tangible or intangibles.

Conversing more with the sisters, I found out how Eunice advocates being environmentally-friendly. She avoids using plastic utensils and brings her own utensils out instead! By being environmentally conscious herself, Eunice hopes to replicate that in her business practices. Well, it’s the small actions that counts right? If everybody starts doing this, we would reduce plastic pollution by leaps and bounds!

I never had a chance to work with my siblings as we are in vastly different fields so… The thing that piqued my curiosity - How was it like to work with a sibling?

*immediate laughter from both *

Su Peng: I’m very optimistic, and I have a positive outlook on things. So…

Eunice: Too optimistic!! It’s not just being optimistic, you need to prepare before doing anything and have a plan. But for Supeng, she’ll go ahead with anything!

Su Peng: Ya I don’t think about it so much, I just look on the bright side of things and go for it! That’s why we quarrel so much. *laughter *

If there was only one word I could use to describe the interview - It would be “heartwarming”. Seeing how Eunice and Su Peng interact, with the occasional bickering, it just radiates family love! It made me realise that Advocado is not just partnering with merchants, we’re also partnering with the people behind it.

It’s not difficult to see why Cleanique has been operating successfully since they started. Eunice, the conscientious one who likes to be prepared with information. While Su Peng, who takes things in her stride and believes that through hard work, success will follow. They complement each other so well! Even though they’re sisters, you could say they’re opposites from each other.

About Merchant

Cleanique has a record of delivering quality maintenance for fashion accessories. They provide a variety of services ranging from cleaning & preservation, color restoration/dyeing and repair for designer leather goods to create a new look and feel.

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