Advocado's CEO Eric Chia and co-founder Joval Gan were featured in the latest Jan / Feb 2018 issue of Fortune Times. Here's a translation of the article.

[left: Co-founder Joval Gan, right: CEO Eric Chia]

What’s Advocado?

No, not the fruit 🥑! We may be 18 months old but don’t underestimate us. We’ve accomplished lots in the past year and a half, clinching “Most Innovative Technology” and “Best Commercial Team” from Spark Awards 2017. Our line of business, you ask? We are a cloud loyalty CRM software that is affordable and hassle-free. Over 600 small medium enterprises (SMEs) across 6 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong) are using Advocado. Familiar brands such as VeganBurg, Pagi Sore, Greyhound Café are onboard too!

So why are your favourite brands using Advocado? Currently, most brands still using traditional modes of loyalty, such as accumulating points for rewards with the use of physical cards. These however, are costly options.

Advocado enables SMEs to run their loyalty programs without the need of cards or downloading any apps. Instead, just by providing their phone number, merchants are able to track their customers’ loyalty details.

Without the high costs upfront or engaging with developers for a loyalty program, SMEs can use Advocado’s software to integrate with their loyalty marketing. After all, Advocado was started with the vision of harnessing technology to bring convenience to both merchants and customers.

As we’re moving into a technological age, it is vital to leverage on it to streamline operations and gain a competitive edge! Achieve your business goals with Advocado today!