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The 3 Pillars of Advocado

Strong, steadfast and reliable.

Left: Ron Lee (CTO), Middle: Joval Gan (CRO), Right: Eric Chia (CEO)

A boss manages their employees, while a leader inspires them to innovate, think creatively, and strive for perfection. Every company has a boss, but what people really need is a leader who will help them and the company achieve greatness.


Here at Advocado, we are thankful to have 3 amazing leaders - With over 40 years of experience in technology innovation & sales shared between them. They are the ones who have stood alongside Advocado from the start. Backed by the amazing team at Advocado, no goal is too big or too small to achieve! As evident by our wins at the Spark Awards 2017, and most recently, the Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2018.

The Advocado team with Joval Gan (Co-Founder & CRO, front right) and our merchant, Alexander Lee (front left) of Altitude Holdings (Yoogane) at the Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2018.

One interesting fact: Unlike other funded startups/SMEs, Advocado managed to run fully on Self-Revenue Generation while making waves in the Asian markets. Curious to find out how Advocado has made it this far? Read on!

Introducing the ones who are leading Advocado through its journey:

Eric Chia, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With more than 17 years of experience in elegant technology - This is Advocado’s founder. His favourite quote, “Fail Fast, Fail Cheap, Fail Often”. Following closely with his quote, Advocado has matured to what it is today through various trials and errors. Eric was named The Young Entrepreneur of 2016 at the prestigious bi-annual SHESA Awards for his exploits with Advocado.

Eric, a seasoned technopreneur, is deeply passionate about solving real problems with elegant technology (hence, Advocado!) 😉. Above all, Eric firmly believes in giving value. Cloud solutions, for Eric, mark an unprecedented array of possibilities for business owners and ground staff to communicate clearly and comprehensively. There is always a win-win, and Eric relentlessly pursues these with every person he meets!

Joval Gan, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Holding over 14 years of experience in sales - This is Advocado’s co-founder. Joval once grew a sales force of 40 to 500 in only 5 years, and was a key personnel to creating global sales and marketing operations in his previous employment.

Joval once said, “How you want your team to behave is linked to how you behave. Everyone in your team portrays a part of you”. Thus, he constantly tries to spot opportunities for improvements in his everyday life.

Just do a quick Google search, and you'll find that many successful people (e.g. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook) wake up as early as 3:45am to get a head start on their day! Joval has made several changes to his lifestyle over the years, like waking up early in the morning to gym. The difference between Joval 10-years-ago & now is remarkable! Just ask him and he'll gladly share his story.

Ron Lee, Chief Technology Officer

10 years experience in robust technology under his belt - This is Advocado’s CTO. Starting from a young age of 9, Ron was already learning the ropes to business management. Not giving up even after setbacks in life, Ron pushed on and further bettered himself. Entering the fitness industry, his capabilities of growing numbers and ROIs led to being headhunted to other fitness companies.

Ron made a jump from fitness to the tech industry. But the road to where he is now was not easy - He had to put in additional hours for lessons, webinars, and seminars while foregoing precious sleep. Where would a tech company be without someone spearheading the tech components? Advocado is blessed to have Ron's guidance throughout. He is a technopreneur who’d love a challenge any day!

p/s: We all call him Xiao Ming (hint: SGAG!) when he wears his shades in office while doing intense work!

You can say that the three of them complete parts of each other, where each one is lacking.

  1. Product
    Without the idea by Eric Chia (CEO & Founder), an entrepreneur by heart, Advocado would've never been born. With constant "Eureka!" moments, it's never a dull day!

  2. Technology
    Ron Lee (CTO) is the driving force behind transforming an empty shell to what Advocado is today, & what it'll be in the future. Expect cutting-edge technology in the near future that will be integrated with Advocado 😉!

  3. Sales
    A strong market opener like Joval Gan (Co-founder & CRO) introduced Advocado and changed the lives (and operations) of over 700 merchants and 400,000 consumers as of today!

With all the expertise that the 3 leaders of Advocado have, they would have a more than comfortable & stable life by working in some MNC. Who wouldn’t want a life like that? I know I would! However, they saw the potential in Advocado, took a risk and decided to go all in. While being so successful in their own fields, they have grasped that work-life balance that many dream to have. Family to them, has always been their priority!

And because of their perseverance, determination, and specific skill sets that they possess, Advocado has made it thus far. It is pretty amazing to see how far it has come, and how far it will go!

For a more in-depth bio, please contact Jane Ng (Head, Marketing & Partnerships) here.

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